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Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network Module Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network Module

Tinymesh™ Modules are available for SMD mounting or as Plug-in Boards.

Simple to deploy complete infrastructure

Tinymesh™ caters to the design engineer that is looking for an uncomplicated, robust, simple to deploy platform for devices requiring wireless control and monitoring. The combination of the powerful mutli-hop wireless mesh network self forming and self healing Tinymesh™ features, and the long range and high RF design quality of the Tinymesh™ RF Modules makes a perfect match for demanding, high volume applications.

The powerful Tinymesh™ command structure and interfacing capabilities of the Tinymesh™ RF Module, enables the design engineer to establish a fully functional multi-hop wirless mesh network with minimal effort, and without spending resources on RF and network design. Unlike other mesh technologies, Tinymesh™ Modules come pre-configured and ready to deploy out of the box.

Configure the Tinymesh™ Module to meet your specific requirements through the serial interface. The factory delivered unit is already configured with a unique ID, but all parameters may easily be changed in-circuit.

Use transparent mode or packet mode

Apply Tinymesh™ in transparent or packet mode. The default setting is transparent mode, or "copper less wire" mode. Any serial data string delivered at the gateway will appear unchanged at any network node, as in a multi-drop wired system. Data entered on routers will be delivered directly to the dedicated gateway node. Utilize transparent mode as a wired network replacement. The transparent quality of the system allows existing multi-drop protocols to be implemented without change.

Utilize Tinymesh™ packet mode to individually control and monitor digital or analog data. Monitor door movements or trigger alarm conditions by employing the digital input trigger mode to automatically detect and report digital status changes. Monitor end node temperature or battery status through the built-in monitoring sensors. Control and dim lights or set DC-controls sending a single % duty-cycle command to the PWM output. Utilize the two 12-bit AD-converters for reading analog values like voltage or power levels.

With Tinymesh™ you can always rest assured commands are accepted and executed at the receiver level. All control commands will trigger an acknowledge message from the end destination when accepted and executed.

Full control of all your devices

To get the most out of Tinymesh™ Modules we have also developed Tinymesh™ Cloud Service that provides, amongst other things, a REST API for interfacing your to applications, a versatile Workbench for remote configuration and network support, End-to-End encrypted data transport, over-the-air firmware upgradeability for Tinymesh™ devices, and a multi-tenant database for Big Data storage.

Fully customizable

A complete Tinymesh™ solution can be deployed rapidly “as is” or customized by you with full support from the Tiny Mesh Design & Development Team.

Get in touch with details of what you want to do and we’ll quickly show you how Tinymesh™ can help you achieve your goals rapidly and cost effectively.

Try it and see

For full details of the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack and Tinymesh™ RF Modules please download the Tinymesh™ Stack and Modules Specifications Data Sheet & Handbook (PDF).

Contact us and we will arrange to dispatch a Tinymesh™ Demo Kit and PC Tools to you.


Tinymesh™ Plug-in Boards and Tinymesh™ Cloud Services are available directly from Tiny Mesh AS. Contact

All Tinymesh™ Modules for SMD mounting are available through the Radiocrafts worldwide distribution network.




...Tinymesh™- Easier and Smarter

Unique Technology

The power of Tinymesh™

Tinymesh™ is a powerful and comprehensive wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with two main components; the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack – embedded in Tinymesh™ Modules that go inside the devices you want to connect, and Tinymesh™ Cloud Service - a suite of data handling and internet tools to control your connected devices.

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box”, complete intelligent wireless infrastructure, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of meters, street lights, sensors, actuators, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.
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