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The Internet-of-Everything includes both the Internet-as-we-know-it (that connects people through computers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.), and the Internet-of-Things.

The Internet-of-Things was popularized with the concept of M2M communication (Machine to Machine communication) forefronted by the telecommunication industry. But the Internet-of-Things is much more than that, and the Internet-of-Everything is even bigger still. Experts predict that in the Internet-of-Everything there will be astonishing growth and that over 50 billion currently unconnected devices will be connected by 2020.

Tinymesh™ offers a unique, purpose built "out-of-the box" platform for any company that sees a business opportunity to connect the previously unconnected - to let devices communicate with other devices and people - and thus let their businesses reap the benefits of being part of the Internet-of-Everything.

We focus on OT rather than IT

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network that are Self-forming and Self-healing

Although we deal in IT, Tesh Mesh AS is not an IT company. We are an OT company (Operations Technology). Tiny Mesh AS, is based in Norway and is a designer, developer and provider of what we believe is the world's most uncomplicated and flexible wireless mesh network platform. Our solution is unique and designed to truely do more with less, with the end-user, real-world applications and a greener planet always in mind. Our customers choose us because our solution is easier and smarter to implement and run. It simply enables our customers to run and expand their operations more profitably and more cost effectively.

We have a long histroy and a simple philosphy.

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network

The Tiny Mesh history goes back a long way and is rooted on requirements for reliable communication in the hospitality industry. Tor Sornes, inventor of the original and world famous VingCard hotel security keycard system in 1976 and mentor to the founder and CEO of Tiny Mesh, Thorstein Tønnesson, established a simple philosophy for reliable electronic design: “Imagine the guest being drunk and the staff being ignorant. Then go build a product that works reliably under these conditions”. This simple design philosophy of doing things "Easier and Smarter" has been a guiding star for the later developments of various communication platforms developed by Thorstein Tønnesson, and that have in turn led to the release of the Tinymesh™ Platform.

We provide "out-of-the-box" solutions for the real-world

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network

Tinymesh™ is designed for deployment in environments where the installer may have little or no knowledge of RF technology, and the system owner needs to be confident the system will work reliably under changing conditions with little or no technical support. 

Tinymesh™ is also designed with the application engineer in mind. The complexities of electronic hardware design are taken care of by the Tinymesh™ RF Module, that may be interfaced directly to an antenna, a power source and the I/O requirements of the application at hand. The Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack handles communication technicalities to a level where the application engineer either selects the transparent mode, in which the communication appears like a copper less multi-drop cable, or packet mode if individual monitoring of I/O ports is required.

We help our customers create value

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network that are Self-forming and Self-healing

The founders of Tiny Mesh AS have been delivering high quality M2M networking utilities since 1997. Together with our customers and partners Tiny Mesh turn wireless mesh networks into a strategy for creating value across devices and platforms.

Tiny Mesh AS is also an active participant in the Norwegian Centre of Expertise, Smart Energy Markets initiative.

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Tinymesh™ Plug-in Boards and Tinymesh™ Cloud Services are available directly from Tiny Mesh AS. Contact sales@tiny-mesh.com

All Tinymesh™ Modules for SMD mounting are available through the Radiocrafts worldwide distribution network.




...Tinymesh™- Easier and Smarter

Unique Technology

The power of Tinymesh™

Tinymesh™ is a powerful and comprehensive wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with two main components; the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack – embedded in Tinymesh™ Modules that go inside the devices you want to connect, and Tinymesh™ Cloud Service - a suite of data handling and internet tools to control your connected devices.

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box”, complete intelligent wireless infrastructure, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of meters, street lights, sensors, actuators, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.
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