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Big Data harvesting

Big Data Harvesting

You can't reap unless you sow. 

Big Data from the Internet-of-Everything will be harvested from the hundreds and thousdands of devices or "things" out there. The first step is to deploy and connect all those devices.
Tinymesh™ provides a perfect platform for connecting devices and "things" and harvesting Big Data. Click the button to find out more.

Wireless Mesh Network brochure

New Tinymesh Brochure

At the one end, out in the field, Tinymesh™ makes it easy and uncomplicated for you to connect all your devices and "things" using Tinymesh™ Modules.

At the other end, back in your office or control center, Tinymesh™ makes it easy and uncomplicated for you to connect your business application to all your devices and "things" deployed out in the field.


50 Billion Devices by 2020

The Internet-of-Everything includes both the Internet-as-we-know-it (which connects people through computers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.), and the Internet-of-Things.

Experts predict that in the Internet-of-Everything there will be astonishing growth and that over 50 billion currently unconnected devices will be connected by 2020.

Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks

WSN and WSAN are examples of smart uses for Tinymesh™

Meter Networks

Meter Networks

AMR and AMI are examples of smart uses for Tinymesh™

Device Networks

Device Networks

Smart Buildings is one of many smart uses for Tinymesh™

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box” solution, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of sensors, actuators, meters, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.

...Tinymesh™ -  Easier and Smarter

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