Student app makes buildings smarter

Wireless Mesh Network central in Samrt Metering infrastructure

Dateline: Moss, Norway, July 5th, 2016
Statsbygg participates in a unique research project to make buildings smarter through new digital solutions.

Students at the College of Østfold in Halden has now adopted a special app that they also have helped develop.

”With the new app, I can easily and quickly report the temperature and air quality in the room in question. This helps make the college an even better place to be,” says student Hege Rødsdalen.

New tool: A 3-year research program has now ended. In addition to the new app, a dashboard that shows energy consumption and indoor environmental quality in real time has been developed.

”We have developed digital tools that are unique in a Norwegian context. The project shows that simple, digital solutions can give huge gains. This will contribute to better indoor air quality and optimized space management as well as energy consumption in future buildings,” says Bjørne Grimsrud, Strategy and Development Director in Statsbygg.

Statsbygg, NCE Smart Energy Markets, Østfold University College, Tiny Mesh, Serinus Technology and Esmart Systems, as well as students on campus Remmen Halden, have developed the app and the dashboard.

Smarter buildings ”The new solutions take user-driven innovation and digitization seriously and will contribute to smarter and digitized management of new buildings,” says project manager Bernt Bremdal of NCE Smart.

Thus, buildings can be managed better, "learn" from real-time data from the building, and problems are identified and addressed immediately. The solution is flexible and requires little maintenance.

”The project has demonstrated the power of innovation in the meeting of Statsbygg, entrepreneurs and students. We are on track for the future of fully digitized property management,” says Grimsrud in Statsbygg.

See the original Press Release and video (in Norwegian).

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