Talk to the Animals

"Talk to the Animals" is a song written by British composer Leslie Bricusse. It was written for the film Doctor Dolittle, and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 40th Academy Awards. It was performed in the film by Rex Harrison.

The song first appears in Dolittle's residence, when the Doctor fully realizes from his parrot, Polly, that intelligently communicating with animals is an acquirable skill. In reaction, Dolittle resolves to master it with as many species as possible and starts the song as he muses about the skill's possibilities – as here in the last verse:

“And if you just stop and think of it ain't no doubt of it
I'm gonna win a place in history
If I could walk with the animals talk with the animals
Grunt, squeak, squawk with the animals
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to me

Well, with Tinymesh™ they can “talk to you” – in a manner of speaking. They can at least let you know where they are with the Tinymesh™ built-in locator function.

Tinymesh™ may be used for animal tracking

How well the technology is suited to your application depends on how you are planning to make the system work.

Tinymesh™ nodes have a communication reach of somewhere from some 40-60 meters to several hundred meters, depending on the type of radio and the communication environment. There is huge difference in an open field landscape and a city / indoor environment.

An animal that is carrying a Tinymesh™ device needs to be within radio reach of another stationary device in order to be able to communicate its location. This means that a tracking system for livestock in a controlled environment with fences or known locations for instance feeding or watering may be well suited, while a general tracking system for lost pets in a city may be difficult to implement.

In an animal tracing situation the Tinymesh™ device will need to be battery powered. Something which Tinymesh™ is entirely suited for as power consumption of a sleeping (non-communicating) Tinymesh™ device is less than 1 uA. A device configured to wake up on given intervals will be asleep between wakeups. When awake, the power consumption is typically some 30 mA, but as the on time is typically very short, maybe less than a second, the average power consumption will be very low.


Please check out the Tinymesh™ data sheet for more information.



Tinymesh™ Plug-in Boards and Tinymesh™ Cloud Services are available directly from Tiny Mesh AS. Contact

All Tinymesh™ Modules for SMD mounting are available through the Radiocrafts worldwide distribution network.




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The power of Tinymesh™

Tinymesh™ is a powerful and comprehensive wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with two main components; the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack – embedded in Tinymesh™ Modules that go inside the devices you want to connect, and Tinymesh™ Cloud Service - a suite of data handling and internet tools to control your connected devices.

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box”, complete intelligent wireless infrastructure, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of meters, street lights, sensors, actuators, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.
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