Proud to be called a Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation, a term coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.

According to Wikipedia the term "disruptive technology" has been widely used as a synonym of "disruptive innovation", but the latter is now preferred, because market disruption has been found to be a function usually not of technology itself but rather of its changing application. Sustaining innovations are typically innovations in technology, whereas disruptive innovations change entire markets. For example, the automobile was a revolutionary technological innovation, but it was not a disruptive innovation, because early automobiles were expensive luxury items that did not disrupt the market for horse-drawn vehicles. The market for transportation essentially remained intact until the debut of the lower priced Ford Model T in 1908. The mass-produced automobile was a disruptive innovation, because it changed the transportation market. The automobile, by itself, was not.

Tinymesh™ didn’t start off as being intentionally "disruptive". It just turned out that way. We didn’t really think of ourselves as being “disruptive” until others started to say that’s what we are. What happened was the whole idea of what is now Tinymesh™ started off when we kept saying to ourselves “there must be a better way…” recalls Thorstein Tønnesson, Founder & CEO of Tiny Mesh AS in Norway.

Thorstein Tønnesson, Founder & CEO of Tiny Mesh AS

He goes on to explain: “At the time we needed to know the status of thousands of minibars located in some really big and well established hotels in the US. All we needed to know was if the minibar door had been opened, and we wanted the minibar to communicate this status to us automatically in a consolidated report every morning before the guests checked out. It all had to be done easily, preferably without any wiring, using the existing minibars, with a very fast and easy installation that could be carried out when the room was being made up. We needed daily status reports for each hotel to go to the hotel manager in question and the front desk without any intervention on their behalf. We also needed all the reports from all the hotels connected to the system to go to a single location off-site.

The reason behind this was that the industry rule of thumb is that 50% of minibars are never used, but you never know which. Without the minibars being capable of reporting back that they have never been opened on a particular day you have to check every single one for what’s been taken, when all you really want to do is just check those that have been opened to make sure the guest’s declared consumption at check-out time tallies with actual consumption. The need to send all the reports to another location off-site is because the hotels do not restock the minibars themselves, they out-source this. Knowing if the minibar has not been opened saves lots of labor and eliminates revenue loss from undeclared consumption. Fully automatic minibars are not an option for most hotels because their cost is prohibitive and the hotels want to give personalized service.

The problem was the complexity, the frustrations, the total cost and installation aspects of the available technologies such as ZigBee, Power Line Communication in hotels, cabled and wireless networking, system development costs and maintenance. That’s when we kept saying “there must be a better way…” And in lots of other scenarios outside the hotel industry we heard lots of other people saying the same thing. We were conviced there was a better way and we could see how. So we did something about it. We founded the company Tiny Mesh in 2011 and developed the Tinymesh™ product line. Since then more than one million devices on three continents have been connected using Tinymesh™.

Tinymesh™ can be used indoors or outdoors, for anything from minibars in the US to street lights in India. To make it easy to adopt we made Tinymesh™ very simple and affordable as we were very concerned about achieving the lowest total cost of ownership. Tinymesh™ consists of just two parts; The Tinymesh™ Stack and the Tinymesh™ Cloud. Working together, the Stack and the Cloud enable devices to easily perceive changes in their environment, to communicate these changes to wherever you want, and to facilitate a reaction to the changes. The Stack can be easily integrated into virtually any device and all the devices then automatically form a robust wireless mesh network that is connected to our Cloud.

Tinymesh™ is now classified by onlookers as a disruptive innovation. And we are proud of that. Tinymesh™ changes the way lots of companies all over the world can add functionality to devices and quickly create new products, markets and business models. It does this because Tinymesh™ simply makes how you can connect and communicate with all kinds of devices and sensors easier and smarter, and cheaper. When you look at the alternatives, it really does do more with less and is uncomplicated. It has hundreds and thousands of applications.

As Tinymesh™ is all about connecting, comunicating with and controlling devices easily, and with experts predicting the Internet-of-Everything will see 50 billion devices connected by 2020, the future looks very rewarding for all the companies that embrace Tinymesh™.”


Clayton Christensen explains disruptive innovation:



Tinymesh™ Plug-in Boards and Tinymesh™ Cloud Services are available directly from Tiny Mesh AS. Contact

All Tinymesh™ Modules for SMD mounting are available through the Radiocrafts worldwide distribution network.




...Tinymesh™- Easier and Smarter

Unique Technology

The power of Tinymesh™

Tinymesh™ is a powerful and comprehensive wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with two main components; the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack – embedded in Tinymesh™ Modules that go inside the devices you want to connect, and Tinymesh™ Cloud Service - a suite of data handling and internet tools to control your connected devices.

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box”, complete intelligent wireless infrastructure, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of meters, street lights, sensors, actuators, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.
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