An easy to implement Wireless Mesh Network Solution for Smart City Applications

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  • Smart City Applications
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Street Light Control
  • Smart Sensor Networks
  • Smart Building Applications
  • Smart Neigbourhood Applications
  • IoT Applications
  • Industrial M2M

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Tinymesh™ is part of the HORIZON 2020 VICINITY Smart City Project

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network

As Tinymesh™ is recognized as an important platform for Smart Cities, Smart Neighbourhoods and Smart Buildings, the company has been invited, along with 14 others, to participate in "VICINITY" – an exciting Horizon 2020 Project funded by the EC and involving resources and expertise in 11 countries and the setting up of 7 demo sites to showcase how to solve real world semantic interoperability. The project is expected to have an impact in Smart Cities across the entire EC Region and beyond.

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Tinymesh™ Sales Office opens in India

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network

Tiny Mesh AS and Radiocrafts AS of Norway have recently established a joint venture sales company in India. After joint success in the Indian market with compact RF modules for Smart Metering applications based on Tinymesh Network Technology, the companies are increasing their local presence in India and have set up a local sales office. The new company, Tinymesh Radiocrafts India LLP, is headed by Mr. Jasmeet Singh. Mr. Singh has long experience from sales and business development in the semiconductor industry. He received an MBA degree from the Indian School of Business in 2014, and has a Bachelor degree in Electronics from 2007. The local office is based in Delhi and will cover all regions.

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Smart Building technology uses Tinymesh™

Tinymesh M2M Wireless Mesh Network

IEQ Audit, from SERINUS Technology, is a unique, new property management tool-set for online, wireless multi-factor monitoring of Indoor Environmental Quality, area useage and energy consumption in schools, colleges, universities and commercial buildings. It is specifically designed to improve indoor environmental quality and save energy. Best of all... it runs on the Tinymesh™ platform.

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All Tinymesh™ Modules, that you can easily integrate in your devices and build your own IoT and Smart City applications, are available in all countries through the Radiocrafts worldwide distribution network.

Tinymesh™ Cloud Service subscriptions are available directly from Tiny Mesh AS.




...Tinymesh™- Easier and Smarter, for better IoT and Smart City Applications

What is Tinymesh™?

Tinymesh™ is a powerful and comprehensive wireless mesh network infrastructure solution with two main components; the Tinymesh™ Protocol Stack – embedded in Tinymesh™ Modules that go inside the devices you want to connect, and Tinymesh™ Cloud Service - a suite of data handling and internet tools to control your connected devices.

Tinymesh™ is an “out-of-the-box”, complete intelligent wireless infrastructure, with low total cost of ownership, that makes it easy and uncomplicated for all kinds of companies to create new products, services and business models by making it easier than ever before to connect, communicate with and control all kinds of meters, street lights, sensors, actuators, assets, devices, tags and other things as part of the Internet-of-Everything.
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